Wwoofing in VA for the Weekend!

Ever since April, Ginny kept calling me saying, “come visit me at this farm!” So, I decided to visit. While driving down a two mile dirt road, I swerved back and forth dodging pot holes. I was getting closer and closer to my first (wwoof) farming experience. I was greeted by a free roaming horse, Daisy.

Ginny’s smiling face came running down to greet me as the dogs followed her.

Before I could enter the house there was a turkey guarding the doorstep.  I made it in the house without being attacked by T. rex’s third cousin!

I set up my tent on the back porch. Ginny asked if I was hungry, indeed I was. To ‘cook’ anything we had to start a wood fire under the large grate outside. So, we ate Indian food out of pouches.

Morning came and so did some good old fashioned cowboy coffee! We loaded up the truck with five gallon buckets filled with water for the garden and started to drive down the dirt road.

I was persistent on riding in the bed of the truck, it’s always been my favorite! The cowboy coffee must have not kicked in yet as I choose to sit in the back, it was exhilarating. I got tossed around, up, down, and splashed from the buckets like bath-time with a two year old.

It was really primative at this farm. To bathe, we would heat water over the fire stove outside. Take it into the bathtub and wash with a rag. Now, this style of bathing is referred to as a, whore bath.

There was a toilet.


Running water was always from a hose. I felt very primative myself. It was a rewarding experience by working for things we take for granted everyday.  Now, I’m in for a bit of shock, as I drive down to North Carolina to catch a flight to New York City to meet with my, mother, sister, and my brother! Enjoy the rest of the pictures I took of the animals, garden, and house at the farm. Follow my post to New York! ❤

























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