Couch-Surfing and VA Beach here I come!

So, I go back to my friends. I know I want to see the Edgar Cayce (ARE) Center in VA Beach. How can I stay there cheap? There is no wwoofing farms nearby. Hmm,! I found someones profile that caught my attention by stating, “I’m a bit of the hippie type but I’ve been yuppified over the years. I raised some amazing kids. I play guitar and sing and spend a lot of time at a sewing machine.” I sent a request to stay with her and I also sent out five other requests as well. Everyone else rejected the request and she replied with we would love to have you! VA Beach here I come without any expectation, a little nervous…

The drive to the east coast was astounding with the rain and the biggest rainbow I had ever seen! I pulled over because I was awestruck. Thank goodness I did because seconds before there was a pile up that would have been hard to avoid going highway speed. I have some amazing angels by my side. I had arrived at my first ever couch surfing house! It was not in the city it was next to the bay out in the country of Virginia Beach. There was no couch for sleeping but there was a huge bed in a spare room! It was like a retreat! I am truly blessed!

My first day at the beach I headed right to the, Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) center. I had no idea what to expect. I thought there might be a bookstore and that was it. Boy was I wrong. When I arrived they have a schedule of free events in the building to attend. First was meditation, which is at the top of the building in a very powerful room! That was a very healing experience. Then a tour, a movie, a talk by a chiropractor about body mind spirit, and then chi gung! My day was good!


I took the next day to spend that in the library. During the rest of the week I went to First Landing State Park, VA Beach, and Northeast River Park in Chesapeake Bay. My couch-surfing hosts were so hospitable. They made a delicious bass dinner and shrimp fried rice another night! It’s really a good idea to couch-surf because I might have not seen one of their favorite spots they took me out to on their boat! False Cape State Park. It was about a mile hike in sand dunes from the bay to the ocean after we docked the boat. The swim was amazing as the waves tossed me around! I’m very grateful for this amazing inspirational couple!

Pictures taken at Redhead Bay Virginia Beach

Corn Silk ^

Yarrow Achillea millefolium ^

Queens Annes Lace Daucus carota

Maggie! She like Pinecones!


Cat attack!

Pictures Taken at Northeast River Park in Chesapeake Bay:

 I was just sitting here on a pier, two jet skiers appeared out of nowhere, I got to ride around on a jet ski! Ahhhh life is great!^

Pictures Taken at First Landing State Park Virginia Beach


Passionflower Passiflora incarnata

Butterfly Weed? ^

What’s next? My friend is wwoofing at a farm in Nathalie Virginia, time to go visit her!

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