Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) Camp here I come!

While there, it was so beautiful. Rural Retreat VA is rural! We stayed up drinking tea and talking maybe, about ten of us. I slept in a cabin with writing all over my bunk! “you’re sexy” one had wrote. I woke up to a bell being rung for breakfast. Yum! Cheesy scrambled eggs with bell peppers, juice, toast, and bacon!? Yes please. Then, we sang songs and went to the garden for two hours. My allergies acted up really bad. I took allergy medicine and after lunch passed out in my cabin! Dinner came, mmm lasagna, lentil soup, and salad! The next day I think my allergy medicine finally kicked in! Breakfast was yummy, blueberry pancakes topped with honey butter??? Yes. Sang more songs, went to play in the garden had lunch, and back to finish the garden and then played volleyball! Dinner came and so did some goodbyes. We took everyting to cook at the bond fire! Hot dogs, veggy tubes, mac and cheese, corn on the cob.

During this time an amazing person I know arrived. You know that one person that, even just looking at them, makes you laugh because they’re so funny? So, he arrived with his friend who just got back from India. I wanted to stay by the young-yuns because they were getting ready to take off. However, I kept finding myself by this guy who was talking about India and meditation to these older two gals. He said at 8 he was going to do a special meditation and invited us if we wanted to attend.

What an awesome experience meditating! He put sacred ash on the third eye to help focus and to help bring in healing forces. And we proceeded to meditate for an hour and a half! Talk about antsy at the end. He told me personally, it’s really good I’m doing the work I’m doing. Not many people came. And what a powerful experience! Recently, I’ve have had thoughts of when I hear people talking I get the feeling, they’re talking and laughing at me.  I know presently this is untrue but why do I have the feeling!? Meditating really helped because during the hour and a half there were people talking and laughing and that feeling arose and it was like this voice came in and said, “people who talk about other people, laugh at, or judge, is just their ego and what they’re afraid of. You’re great, and so are they, know who you are and strive to that and not what others think you to be.” and so on. Such powerful insights I tapped into and then my body began to twitch and it felt like, a healing or removal/cleanse of some sort.

That night I was less afraid while walking in the pitch black night, alone without any light, to my cabin. The noises were less scary and less thoughts about wild dogs, coyotes, and bears coming to eat me appeared. Morning came, time to go back to Charlottesville! After some french toast of course! The drive was great, talking to another herbalist riding in a Prius, what else?!  I love numberology because it seemed like we were in the same transition. I talk with another classmate about this, same age too! We all finished herb school at the same time. We’re all the same age, birthdays just weeks apart. However, the one I was riding with is ready to grow roots but unsure of which town to do so. My classmate though, wants to travel and is unsure of where and she gave notice to her jobs and moved out and is temporarily staying at a friends as well!

What a great time ARE was! hmmmm what’s next?!

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