Listening to the signs…

What’s next? I still didn’t know. So, I called a friend in Charlottesville who was visiting Canada ay!? I was invited to stay at their house in VA for a minute until, I planned something, I kept saying! Still no plans… My friend came back from Canada and says, “there’s this really cool garden week down in Rural Retreat VA, you should go!” I said, “eh, I have to stay here to plan out my journey.” Later, a bunch of us went square dancing, fun! There, another friend says, “I’m going to garden week at ARE, we’re making the gardens for camp, it’s free and the food too! You should come, I have room in my car!” Hmmm, now that was the second person to say I should go… Maybe, I should listen to this. So, I thought well, I could stay here and plan to my trip to ARE (the center) or go to the actual camp and participate and be immersed in the beautiful mountains.  The very next day…  I was on my way to ARE garden week!

Photo Courtesy of: Andre Surles

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