Am I Ready to Go?

Am I ready to go?

As I typed that very question, my computer was not even ready!

I met someone here who was visiting from Hawaii. I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii! I will wwoof (world-wide opportunities on organic farms) there one day! I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday. I swear it was god that came over the loudspeaker and said, something I needed to remember, but today I woke up and forgot!

I just keep typing, eventually, it will all appear. That must be the answer, so clear, and right in front of me,“it just came! It all finally appeared!”. As it will come, and come to you, breathe, relax, and just listen to the ques. Take a day off, go get something to eat, and see who you bump into, literally.

Although, I may not remember what god said over the intercom yesterday, I smile inside because, if I really do need to know, I’ll remember. If not, oh well…

A willow tree blowing in the wind, sitting under it, looking at the sky-where you see a blue jay fly by, listen to the breeze as you become inspired to go to the seas. Sit on the beach, eat, and read. Doesn’t that sound great? Take your cents and insert them into a slot of the most appealing game. Game you will play. Where you spend your time, energy, thoughts, and coins, you will play in that game. If you change the scenery, daydreams, for a better, more picturesque, day, then you will be welcomed to a whole new reality, perception, and feeling.

Sometimes, we just have to go do it, jump, take that step, with confidence, knowing what we want and believe, we are all worthy, and good enough. Go get it! Believe your journey will be amazing. Most of all follow that calling, intuition, and trust it! Because it is the most blissful wave of life, joy, uncertainty, curiosity, unknown, filled with excitement, and new experiences.

May you be blessed with today and the possibility to create anything imaginable. As Nike say’s it best, “just do it” 🙂

Be grateful everyday.

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