Change is Hard!

Change is hard! The reward, the newness, and the thrill that aspires out of change? Incredibly rewarding!

Our house in Charlotteville, VA had a rummage sale, sold everything I was able to “let go” of. I asked myself the question, have I used this within a year? What am I going to need it for? Is it cheaper to buy it again, or pay for a storage unit? After analyzing my stuff again, and again, each time I was able to put more, and more outside. I loved the chaos, multi-tasking, three people wanting something at the same time, chit-chating, and basically getting to ‘know’ the whole neighborhood! At the end of the day I made 200 dollars! Now, that I sold most of my stuff and got everything else ready to donate, it was time to put my two weeks in at the health food store.  I Told my clients I was going to travel so, I found my replacement, and gave the landlord notice too. Signed up for an awesome primitive skills gathering (Firefly) near Asheville NC. Packed everything camping related into my car. And things like books, a dear friend allotted me their attic.

Now, I just have to get everything else ready, tie up all my loose ends, and come up with a plan of where I want to travel. I had a whole month, two weeks no work at all, plenty of time to think!

Write your awesomeness here!

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