Am I happy? Okay, time to change!

I was living a repetitive lifestyle. I was ready to call Charlottesville, VA my home. Not to say I never will, beautiful place right beside the Appalachian Mountains. I had just finished three years of herbal school and clinic. I had my own cleaning business, and worked at a health food store guiding people to the right supplements for betterment. Meanwhile, I lived right downtown, in one of the most beautiful houses in Belmont. In the 60’s there was an herbalist whom also lived there, with four kids, they called her a witch! The doorways in this house stood ten feet tall! Amazing people resided here, love them all so much.

Was I happy with life? Not really. Cleaning was physically wearing on me. The health food store was close to minimum wage and besides, I want my own store anyways! I was presented with a wonderful bartering opportunity, to be listed in a local health conscious directory. When they approached me, they were going to advertise my cleaning business. I thought about it…I was already so busy and drained! I sat down and  thought about my schooling, maybe I could set up consultations for better health, and advertise that instead! The next day I talked to my teacher, I presented her with my thoughts, and asked her opinion. Was I ready? I asked. She asked me, “Are you ready to grow your roots here? When you start seeing people, it’s harder to pick up and go. Didn’t you want to travel?” Gosh she’s one of the most intuitive people I know! Yes, I really want to travel. My roots are not ready to be planted yet.

I want to travel right now.

And I will travel!

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